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Business development tools, techniques, and worksheets for building a successful financial adviser practice.


While other financial services professionals are hoping their practice survives the current economic climate, others are out aggressively gaining market share. When you have a plan, strategies, and tools to build business, you can grow an impressive book as your colleagues sit back and watch. It is up to you decide if you will be passive or assertive in this market. With this ePACK, you can harness the power of great tools and abundant opportunities.

If you have ever asked yourself:

* Why can I do to keep my clients calm?
* How can I position myself as different from others in my firm? In my industry?
* What can I do to get my clients referring more of their contacts to me?
* Is there an easier way to bring prospects into my business?
* How do I know if a strategic alliance will work and what is the best way to form them?
* How can I build a stronger book value as my weaker colleagues give up and leave the business?

Then this program is for you. Start building today and watch your bottom line grow! Included in this ePACK:

* Over 50 pages of customized business development tools and techniques to help you build a six-figure practice.
* 10 worksheets to grow your business and are accompanied by explanations of how to use them.
* The same tools the Ghost CEOTM team uses in it’s one-on-one business coaching system.
* Tools & techniques take only minutes per day.
* Works for all professional photographers, regardless of target market.
* Templates and worksheets can be used over and over again as part of your business development system.
* Easy to apply regardless of experience in business. Great for novice through to experienced.
* Over 5,000 business owners have profited from these methods.
* Over $450.00 in added value.

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